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 To :  yate@v...
 From :  Cristian Andrei Calin <kman@t...>
 Subject :  Re: [yate] patchuri pentru *BSD
 Date :  Sat, 3 Apr 2004 00:05:19 +0300
Ups, sorry. The patches I sent were to allow compilation on FreeBSD and NetBSD of yate, the next mail (that I sent in romanian) states that you need less include paths to make yate work with openh323 1.13 which is now included in debian GNU/Linux.
Next time I'll try to remember to write in english, sorry for the inconvenience.

On Fri, 2 Apr 2004 22:44:51 +0200
Michael Bielicki  wrote:

> Any chance to get that in english ?
> On Friday 02 of April 2004 22:28, Cristian Andrei Calin wrote:
> > Astea rezolva problema de compilare pe *BSD (Free si Net cel putin).
> -- 
> Version: 3.12
> GCC d-- s: a C++ UL++++ P++ L++++ E--- W+++ N++ o-- K w---
> O- M+ V PS+ PE++ Y+ PGP++ t+ 5 X++ R+ tv b++++ DI+ D++
> G+ e+++ h--- r++ x+++
> ------END GEEK CODE BLOCK------

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