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 From :  Maciek Kaminski <maciejka@t...>
 Subject :  Re: [yate] ivr recordings get swallowed
 Date :  Thu, 22 Jun 2006 10:22:57 +0200
Paul Chitescu napisa?(a):
> Hi, Maciek!
> I suspect you have a problem with tone detection and suppression as you 
> have the same audio path to the PSTN.
> Many tone detectors attempt to suppress audio while a tone is being 
> detected. This is done usually in order to prevent multiple detections 
> (tone being forwarded both as signalling and inband).
> The problem is some devices suppress audio in both directions and extend 
> the duration after the tone. How much (in seconds) of your recordings are
> missing after pressing a key? Extra suppression times up to 1/4s are 
> common therefore menus of mobile network operators have short silence 
> periods in front of each key triggered prompt.
> Paul Chitescu

It seems (or rather hears) to be around 1/4s, so probably that is the 
case. Thanks.