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 From :  "Martin Acevedo" <acevedoma@h...>
 Subject :  Yate and transcoding
 Date :  Mon, 26 Jun 2006 14:14:45 +0000
I need to implement a transcoding server between g729 and ilbc, I wrotte a 
plugin for g729 codec following the instrutions at yate.null.ro (like ilbc), 
and codec plugin works well, It can translate audio packets between g729 and 
alaw, but It cannot translate between g729 and ilbc, I have both plugins 
loadaded, but when a call is executed the codecs(g729 and ilbc) objects are 
never instantiated....(in g729->alaw G729Codec is instantiated twice 
encoding and decoding). All endpoints are sip. And yate is in poxy rtp 
mode.... Does yate support transcoding or only works with g711 and slin..?

this works well...

this does not workl...