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 Subject :  RE: [yate] Billing and others-IP Based Authentication
 Date :  Sat, 5 Aug 2006 12:15:24 +0300
Diana wrote:
The support for radius in Yate is everything you will need for VoIP.


I asked on this forum before questions regarding Radius and did not receive
an answer. Also the documentation is sketchy. With the given documentation
and code I was not able to account completed calls correctly.

It appears to me that with the current source code the start time of
completed calls is always the time when the INVITE was sent - not when it
was 200 okayed.

If you could provide a working example of yradius config file which accounts
correctly the times then this would be interesting to see.



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The support for radius in Yate is everything you will need for VoIP.
Configuration from files will make that module way to complicated, and
we've tried to avoid that. And there was no real gain to make it that
complicated. Regarding the module we have now it's copied more or less
from the Cisco, because that is the standard in Radius+VoIP.


G.Jacobsen wrote:

>It should be noted that radius support in yate is still rudimentary and
>likely one needs to hack it to achieve what one wants. E.g. the radius
>dictionaries are hardcoded in the module.

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