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 Subject :  RE: [yate] Building YateClient?
 Date :  Wed, 30 Aug 2006 12:39:54 +1000
Hi Paul,

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> Subject: Re: [yate] Building YateClient?
> Hello, Damien,
> Yate currently builds with Visual C++ 6.0 and I'm not sure if 
> the workspace and project files can be easily imported in 
> newer versions. The CVS or tarball contains all the files you 
> need - note that you MUST convert project files to DOS 
> end-of-line convention (CR,LF). WinZip has such a smart 
> tar.gz handling and so does WinCVS.

Okay, I noticed that. I used Winzip and now the project files load without a
problem. They're also converted correctly when opening them up using VS2005.
For the moment I am trying to use VC6 to get a feel for the project. When I
get it successfully compiling with VC6, I'll try to make the appropriate
modifications for VS2005. If anyone else reading this has some pointers in
this regards, then please let me know.

> All components of the "YATE" project build without extra 
> dependencies. 
> Components of the "Extra" project all need some external dependency.

I can successfully build the Yate project without a problem, and I can also
build the Client project without a problem. Although I am not sure if I am
missing a step. The resulting yate-client.exe file only loads a simple
window (see attached screen shot) and pressing the call button doesn't seem
to do anything, irrespective of what I enter into the accompanying text box.
Is there anything else I need to do?

> To build the client the trickiest part is to get and properly 
> install the Gtk-2.6.x development files (.h and .lib for 
> glib, gobject, atk, pango, gdk, gtk) and have VC++ know about them.

Yes, it is proving to be a bit of a pain, but once setup, I should be able
to get going quickly. Are there any modifications to the GTK header files to
be made? Here's what I did:

1) I downloaded: 


From the gtk.org ftp site and extracted to a directory. These are from the
2.6.x series.

2) Then I modified the include paths in VC6:


3) I build the Yate project - no problems.

4) I try and build first the LibGTK2 project:

First error I receive is: 
c:\src\gtk dev\include\gtk-2.0\gdk\gdk.h(70) : error C2065: 'GOptionGroup' :
undeclared identifier"

This is why I enquire if there are any changes to be made? Am I missing a
path (or two) at this stage? I can get around this error by adding an
#include  to the include section of this file, gdk.h, which then
gives me this error on the next pass:

c:\src\gtk dev\include\glib-2.0\glib\goption.h(131) : error C2061: syntax
error : identifier 'GTranslateFunc'"

Again, I think I am missing something. Do you, or anyone else out there in
Yate land have any pointers for setting up the VC6 build environment
successfully so that the GTK client can be built? What version of GTK are
people using? Is 2.6 the right one to go with?

> Since there is no standard mechanism in Windows you will also 
> have to add them to the include and library paths of the 
> compiler. These settings are global to the IDE and not 
> project specific (at least in VC++ 6.0).
> You may get directions from here:
> http://www.google.com/search?q=gtk+windows+devel

I had a quick look. I'll have a more intensive look today. But surely
someone is developing under Win32, with VC6? I'm keen to get stuck into
working out how the client works so again, any pointers on setting up the
build environment would be great!

> Note that you should use gtk 2.6.x as the 2.8.x series have 
> migrated to the Cairo backend which has poor support on Windows.

Hmmmm, what about GTK+ 2.10?



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