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 To :  Yate mailing list <yate@v...>
 From :  Carl Karsten <carl@p...>
 Subject :  diagnostic options for yate-client
 Date :  Wed, 30 Aug 2006 17:38:04 -0500
I added a tab to yate-client with some buttons to make it make noise using 
different methods.

The extent of effort to make it look nice was to make an image:
I'll have an artistic friend make something more inline with the other images.

cam from /usr/share/hwdb-client/sound.wav of my Ubuntu install, so I am guessing 
it can be distributed, but it might be better to have someone generate something 

Carl K

carl@amd15:~/src/yate/modules/skin/tabbed$ cvs diff gtk2client.ui
Index: gtk2client.ui
RCS file: /home/cvsroot/private/yate/modules/skin/tabbed/gtk2client.ui,v
retrieving revision 1.13
diff -r1.13 gtk2client.ui
 >     tabname="diag.png" Diags
 >     vbox=>
 >       ; simple ways to make the client make noise
 >       ; output sound to the actual device used by yate
 >       vbox=,,,,>
 >           button=,,,,callto:wave/play/sound.slin, callto:wave/play/sound.slin
 >           button=,,,,callto:wave/play/sound.gsm, callto:wave/play/sound.gsm
 >           button=,,,,callto:wave/play/sound.wav, callto:wave/play/sound.wav
 >           tooltip=Play a sound using Yate's sound routine.
 >           hbox=,,,,>
 >               button=,,,,callto:tone/dial,Call test tone
 >               tooltip=Play a sound using Yate's sound routine. (client side)
 >               ; this will make a call that needs to be hung up
 >               ; so here is a 2nd hangup button
 >               button=,,,,hangup,Hang up (stops the test tone)
 >               tooltip=same as the normal Hangup button
 >           leave=<
 >       leave=<
 >     leave=