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 To :  Dimitri Prado <dprado@e...>
 From :  Diana Cionoiu <diana-liste@v...>
 Subject :  Re: [yate] gpl exception status
 Date :  Wed, 05 Dec 2007 18:28:29 +0200
Hello Dimitri,

The only exception that exists is for OpenH323 and PWlib. Since Yate 
users need g729 codec from qodec there is an understanding between Null 
Team which makes Yate and RAI the company that makes Qodec that no user 
will have any problem to use the qcodec piece of software. So there is 
some sort of one way exception made by Null Team only and applies only 
to the code made by Null Team (not all Yate belongs to Null).


Dimitri Prado wrote:
> Hello All,
> what's  the current status of GPL exceptions for yate? On the web site
> I found references to exceptions to pwlib and OpenH323, on the other
> hand I also found instructions for linking against Qodec's  g729
> library, which is proprietary and binary only. On the README file, it
> mentions "GPL with exceptions ( in case of linking with proprietaty
> software )" without stating wich proprietary software. The question
> is, is there a general exception for linking with other proprietary
> software ( for instance different codecs ), or the only exceptions are
> as stated on the site, for pwlib and openh323. I apologize if this has
> been addressed before, I searched the archives and could not find an
> answer.
> Dimitri