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 From :  Balwinder S Dheeman <bdheeman@g...>
 Subject :  Re: [yate] Extra SIP Headers
 Date :  Wed, 05 Dec 2007 22:03:47 +0530
On 12/05/2007 09:21 PM, Paul Chitescu wrote:
> Unknown (and a few of the known) SIP headers are placed in the routing
> message as sip_headername parameters. The name is converted to lower
> case to simplify matching.
> In outgoing SIP call legs any osip_HeaderName parameter is turned to a
> SIP HeaderName. Case is preserved.
> Some parameters cannot be set because they are required for the
> corectness of the SIP processing. Please look in code in
> modules/ysipchan.cpp at the s_filterHeaders and s_rejectHeaders arrays
> for a list of them.
> Any module that can act on / alter generic message parameters can be
> used to make the changes. The regexroute, register are extmodule are
> currently usable for this purpose.
> Example for regexroute.conf:
> ; copy My-Header from incoming to outgoing call leg only if set
> ${sip_my-header}.=;osip_My-Header=${sip_My-Header}

Thanks a lot for enlightening us about an un-documented trick, but one
thing, though not so digressing, is that the syntax is still unclear for
above said regex statement and, or expression.

Would you be kind enough to elaborate a bit more with comprehensive
examples on these kinds of tricks hidden inside the source code and, or
the trump cards pending for documentation.

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