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 Subject :  Fragmented comunity [was: Yate possibilities...]
 Date :  Tue, 27 May 2008 19:33:26 +0200

Jérôme's email to Ted Gibson went public so I feel free to respond even 
I was not mean to read it.

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> Subject: Re: [yate] RE: Yate possibilities - I'm very disappointed with the
> YATE team
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> At the beginning we sent patches to the Yate team, but since they were not 
> integrated we stopped it. That is why we no more appear in the list.

It is a pity that yate community is so fragmented and a lot of efforts 
seems to be duplicated. I understand that it is very hard not to get 
discouraged by Null Team not integrating almost(it is hard but not 
impossible) any external work. On the other hand it is a loss, solution 
far from optimum when you(and possibly others) decide not to contribute 
at all and keep theirs local versions of modules of general use.

My personal strategy is to post patches to 
mantis(http://yate.null.ro/mantis/). Some(for example: dumbchan, moh, 
yaypm) of them eventually get integrated some of them not. Some(for 
example lazyrec) are used by other people even if not integrated.

Of course it would be great if Null Team made it clear and explicit: 
what is its policy on patches, what to expect, etc. Saying that it is 
free software and you can do what you want with it won't integrate 
people. I also don't belive that only way to control quality is to 
develop everything internally.

> For example and in case you are still interested in Yate, we debugged :
> - All the sipfeatures : dialog messages for Granstream and Thomson.
> - The conference : quality and signal reconstruction in case of packet loss.

Very interesting feature, I would be very glad to have a look at it 
before I start writing my own.

> - Fax sending and receiving.
> - Speex codec.

Feature that has been requested few times here.

> - Added Video codecs and LPC10.
> - Soft DTMF detection for Zap and Sangoma.

Another one. I wonder what technique have you used and what is accuracy?

> - Silence detection and sound pattern recognition when recording.

Maciej Kamiński