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 From :  Philipp Kempgen <philipp.kempgen@a...>
 Subject :  Re: [yate] ... running yate as non-root
 Date :  Mon, 01 Sep 2008 10:24:56 +0200
Diana Cionoiu schrieb:

> The patch for non root will never go into Yate

This specific patch or any patch about running non-root?

> because is not Yate 
> bussines, and like you've said there are other distro's than Linux, and 
> each OS has to deal with that issue, and each distro has to deal with the 
> scripts.

Partly agreed.  :-)
Each distro has to deal with distro-specific customizations.
But when things like dropping privileges is involved it clearly
belongs to the software itself.
(E.g. Apache does it. I understand that you can't really compare
Yate to Apache but that doesn't make my point invalid.)
Anyway ...

> Another thing about how Yate development works.
> Everytime when you make a patch Paul is taking his time to look on it. 
> Because there are many patches and many requests, that has become a job 
> that takes a lot of time for him. Because we are really trying to make a 
> lot of people happy, as much as possibile, every patch has to be examine 
> with his efects on each platform supported by Yate.
> So everytime when someone submits a patch that is not corectly done, or it 
> doesn't consider every platform (which happends with 90%) of the patches, 
> Paul has to understand what that patch is all about and if at least the 
> idea is good, to integrate it into Yate. That has become a job that takes 
> half of Paul's time.

Very true!
BTW I discovered a nice tool (http://www.review-board.org/) which
makes that job a bit easier. I'm thinking about using it myself.

   Philipp Kempgen

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