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 To :  tillmanz@w...
 From :  Diana Cionoiu <diana-liste@d...>
 Subject :  Re: [yate] yate module / cpp tutorial
 Date :  Tue, 18 Oct 2005 12:05:48 +0200
Hello Tillman,

Don't worry about my toes, are just fine :)

Actually msg.retValue should be something like "h323/user@ip" or 
"sip/sip:user@ip" (sip is a special case since it accepts uri that are 
not starting with sip: ) . When i've said msg.retValue i've ment the 
actual destination of the call. If you just want to modify calledid that 
you should modify the parameter "called" like it is described in 
documentation. ( http://yate.null.ro/pmwiki/index.php/Main/Callroute ).
Something like this should do the job:


tillmanz@w... wrote:

>Ooooops, I didn't want to step onto a blonde woman's toe! :-)
>When I understand you correctly than the only thing I have to do, to implement my routing logic 
>is to first fetch the routing info and when I know where to route the call to I just call
>msg.retValue() = "myNewNumberString"; from the "received" MessageHandler of my Module?
>Actually I tried that (returning with false) and it didn't really change the behaviour. 
>Naturally, after I changed the return value to "true" the call wasn't routed anymore.
>Could you provide a code snippet where I can see you returning "12345" as the new CLD?
>Also what would I have to do to change the ANI at that point? 
>Since there doesn't seem to be a "setValue" function how would I accomplish that?
>Thanks in advance, I really appreciate your effort!
>P.S. and since I now know how you look like - here is a link to a website with my pic on it ;)  
>P.P.S. what's the order of prios? 1 is called first - 100 the last in the chain? Or the opposite?
>>Hello Tillman,
>>I think you didn't understand that module because it's started by me :) 
>>(i'm a blonde - http://www.null.ro/pic_0088.jpg)
>>Anyway most of the documentation you are looking for can be found at:
>>and the message documentation can be found at:
>>http://yate.null.ro/docs/api/TelEngine__MessageHandler.html and 
>>A message has 2 values that are interesting for the module who sent the 
>>message: the retValue and the result of the dispatch method which can be 
>>true or false.
>>A MessageHandler receive method should return true if is considering 
>>that this message has been handle forever, otherwise should return false 
>>to give the chance to another module to modify the parameters of that 
>>message. Most of the routing modules i know return false because the 
>>it's unclear if you need a second routing module.
>>The retValue for call.route it's the destination where the call should go.
>>Anyway when a message is used is used right now from just a one place, 
>>so no need to lock the message.
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