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 To :  yate@v...
 From :  "Raffaele P. Guidi" <raffaele.p.guidi@g...>
 Subject :  Python and PHP scripts in windows
 Date :  Sun, 4 Jan 2009 23:31:37 +0100
Hi, I'm running yate on windows and cannot make provided php scripts
work in anyway. My configuration:


test.php= ;this is the test.php found in /share/scripts

In yate.log I find these messages:

 ExtModReceiver::ExtModReceiver("test.php","(null)") [0107F990]
 ExtModReceiver::~ExtModReceiver() pid=0 [0107F990]
 ExtModReceiver::die() pid=0 dead=no [0107F990]

Which is the same result executing "external test.php" with debug on
from the telnet interface. There doesn't seem to be any error but the
"pid=0" is unpromising. Is there something I'm missing? (yeah, I know
there must be...)

I'm putting pieces together for windows deployment, updating the wiki
in the meanwhile - trying  to give back in some ways - and would like
to add "YAYPM on windows" and "PHP Scripting on windows" section.

Thanks in advance for your help.