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 To :  yate@v...
 From :  Koochy Black <koochy@a...>
 Subject :  H323 Registration to a Gatekeeper
 Date :  Tue, 14 Jul 2009 16:28:12 +0200

I've some problem to connect two yate server via h323. The one is setup
as a Gatekeeper the other one as a Gateway, which has to register with
the GK. I've set-up the same configurations, like faststart,
tunneling....but whatever I try the Gateway won't connect to the GK, the
error is:

/ Failed to connect '' to GK addr ''

/- What should be in the '', I've filled the gkname and gkip, but it's
still is emtpy
- I've tried with a H323 Softphone (MyPhone) to connect to the GK, with
no errors!
- I've changed the debug level of OpenH323 to 7, but I have not found
the any usable informations for me:

/  1:00.350           Transactor:8bbb9e8    h323trans.cxx(721)   Trans  
registrationRequest rejected: undefinedReason
  1:00.351           Transactor:8bbb9e8    h323trans.cxx(607)   Trans  
Using credentials from request:
  1:00.351           Transactor:8bbb9e8    h235auth1.cxx(450)   H235RAS
H235AuthProcedure1 requires general ID.
  1:00.351           Transactor:8bbb9e8     h235auth.cxx(426)   H235RAS
Authenticator H235AnnexD_Procedure1 failed: 2
  1:00.352      YateGkRegT...d:08bb5370    h323trans.cxx(686)   Trans  
Response to seqnum=34182 had invalid crypto tokens.
  1:00.352      YateGkRegT...d:08bb5370     gkclient.cxx(922)   RAS    
Failed registration of  with voip2.si-co.net
  1:00.352           Transactor:8bbb9e8    h323trans.cxx(373)   Trans  

/Is it possible, that the problem is, because I'm using two different 

Thanks for the help, best regards

koochy black