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 From :  Koochy Black <koochy@a...>
 Subject :  Re: [yate] gatekeeper
 Date :  Fri, 17 Jul 2009 11:09:54 +0200

there are almost all infiormations on the web and in the conf files, but
I'll give you a little help

; Here you can declare user/clients with password for your System.

; This section sets global variables of the implementation
; vendor: string: Vendor name
; Use an external RTP module instead of the native OpenH323 RTP stack,
which is
;  very cpu intensive. If no external RTP can be found it will fallback
to the
;  native stack. The only external RTP now is yrtp (see the yrtpchan
; external_rtp: bool: default: yes

; Attempt to use native (OpenH323) RTP if external fails to start. This is
;  usefull only if the failure is caused by the external RTP module not
;  being loaded.
; fallback_rtp: bool: default: yes

; Perform direct RTP forwarding between client endpoints.
; You should enable faststart=on in the [ep] section and make sure fast
;  is also supported and enabled on all clients.
; forward_rtp: bool: default: no

......(make your change)....

; Control the endpoint operation of the module

; ep: bool: True if you want to activate the h323 endpoint
ep = false

; gw: bool: Set to true if you want this endpoint to declare itself as
gw = false

; addr: string: IP address to bind the endpoint to, defaults to all

; port: int: TCP port on which the endpoint will listen
; faststart: bool: Enable Fast Start mode (offer media channels early)

; h245tunneling: bool: Enable H.245 tunneling mode

; h245insetup: bool: Enable H.245 establishment early in call setup message
; Note that this setting may conflict with faststart so don't enable both

; dtmfinband: bool: Wheter to decode inband DTMF (CPU intensive)
;dtmfinband = false

; silencedetect: keyword: Silence detection algorithm: none, fixed, adaptive
;silencedetect = none

; gkclient: bool: If h323 module endpoint should register to a gatekeeper
gkclient = false

; If server is true the gatekeeper of yate will start. You must
understand that
; the H323EndPoint and H323GateKeeper share the calls. So you can make a
; to a registered endpoint of this gatekeeper even if in the [ep] section
; you haven't register the local H323EndPoint to the local
H323Gatekeeper. In
; fact is not recomanded to register the local EndPoint to the local
; The local H323EndPoint is used as proxy for calls to local non h323
; destinations. If you wanna call let's say tone/dial from a registered
; endpoint to the local gatekeeper, you must make a route in regexroute (or
; whatever you use) and then just dial the number.
; If you wanna call a registered endpoint you must use now as a module
; since is the only module who can record prefixes right now.

; server: bool: Enable running a gatekeeper on the main endpoint
server = true

; You must define the binding interfaces. Right now the multi hosted
boxes don't
; work very well because OpenH323 mechanism, but we will fix that if someone
; have any problem.

; port: int: Port on which the gatekeeper listens for connections
port = 1719

; name: string: Identifier of the gatekeeper
name = testGatekepper

; ttl: int: Registrations time to live in seconds, 0 to disable
ttl = 30

; heartbeatdrop: bool: Drop calls for which the heartbeat timed out

; registeredonly: bool: Allow calls only with registered endpoints

As you can see you start the Gatekepper in ther [gk ] section in the
h323chan.conf. If you make SIP<>H323 Proxying  you should declare in
ep=true and gw=true in the [ep] (Endpoint) section. Also make sure you
have some right routs in regexroute.conf .


Mohammed El Maâroufi schrieb:
> Hi all ;
> It’s my 4 time that i’m asking you to explain me how can I configure
> YATE as a gatekeeper, I’m a beginner and I need your help, once there
> is a poor documentation in the web,
> I need to configure yate as a gatekeeper, and register a H323 client
> in this server
> Thank you in advance
> Mohammed;
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