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 Subject :  Re: [yate] SIP -> Sending Bye after Cancel, why?
 Date :  Wed, 22 Jul 2009 16:25:53 +0100
2009/7/22 Koochy Black :
> At this test yate sends a Cancel AND a Bye Signal, more or less at the
> same time. Now I'm wondering, why yate is sending a Cancel and a Bye
> signal, as I know Cancel is enough, Bye is wrong.


"To proactively prevent problems with the call being answered just
before the other side receives the CANCEL. Either the CANCEL or
(almost always) the BYE will generate a harmless 481 answer."

But you mentioned that "Called Party answers"... FAQ claims this
behaviour is used only for not yet answered calls. If that called was
really accepted (with 200, not 183), then it really is wrong.