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 To :  Bipin <bipin@x...>
 From :  Monica Tepelus <monica@v...>
 Subject :  Re: [yate] route calls differently for registered suers
 Date :  Wed, 07 Oct 2009 12:01:00 +0300

In yate you have 3 routing modules: register, regfile and regexroute. 
Besides that you can make your custom scripts: check route.php in the 
share/scripts directory that catches the message that you need.

You said you want to: "set routing separately for gateway account, for 
registered and authenticated users". If you know the prefixes of the 
numbers that could be called when routing to gateway account then you 
could set them in regexroute and then leave the calls that don't match 
to go to regfile. Just set a lower priority for regfile than regexroute.

If you choose to use the register module you will need to move the 
registering of users in the database also (besides defining the rules). 
You can then define the routing by combining different queries.

Monica Tepelus

Bipin wrote:
> hi,
> what i wanted to know was if there was an account in regfile and the 
> phone used that account to register to yate and get authorized then 
> how do i set dialplan or lets say configure the routing only for that 
> regfile account and not apply it to everyones account globally. 
> currently i have added certain ip addresses of other servers sending 
> calls to yate so they dont get authorized under [check_addr_auth] and 
> that works fine and those calls are routed to their destination using 
> the routing defined under the [default] section. what i want to do is 
> set routing separately for gateway account, for registered and 
> authenticated users. i tried searching but couldnt come across any 
> sample or any wiki page, any sample scripting is greately appreciated
> Regards,
> Bipin
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