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 From :  "martin A." <acevedoma@h...>
 Subject :  Re: [yate] about nat
 Date :  Sat, 17 Dec 2005 16:30:28 +0000
Hi, then you for your answer

>There are two steps involved in NAT traversal:

>1. If the endpoint declares a private IP address for voice but it has a
>public signalling address then Yate assumes the client is behind NAT and
>will substitute the signalling address for voice (RTP data). The old
>address is still available in the call.route and call.execute messages as
>"rtp_nat_addr" so this action can be undone per call.

>2. Only if RTP data passes trough Yate it will detect when data comes in
>from the wrong source address and will adjust its own destination address
>accordingly. This works very well with SIP but may not work with all H.323
>endpoints as H.323 supports (but is rarely used) asymmetric RTP.

yes, thats worked for me very well

>If RTP forwarding is used the data does not pass trough Yate so step 2
>must be accomplished by each endpoint. The public address is still
>declared as RTP address so endpoints should be at least able to find each
Can I configure yate to forward rtp based on the name of the user agent.. ? 
I mean for each call...
I have some endpoints that are hardware(linksys) and we must use them in 
proxy mode to traverse de NAT, but we can develope our own software endpoint 
for PC too, but I would like to forward the rtp for these endpoints in order 
to reduce the overhead of rtp proxy.... Is it possible?

>As far as I know the RTP of OpenH323 and OPAL is able to perform 2 but it
>may depend on configuration.