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 Subject :  R: [yate] Problem with Sangoma+Windows+Yate
 Date :  Mon, 22 Mar 2010 23:22:10 +0100 (CET)
Thank you Peter,
I'd like to receive your patches!

Lerto Chicco

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Da: peter.olsson@v...
Data: 22/03/2010 21.52
A: "yate@v..."
Ogg: RE: [yate] R: [yate] Problem with Sangoma+Windows+Yate

I made some patches for wpcardw.cpp a year ago or so, and I got it 
almost working. I made it read and write data on the PRI interface. But 
I never got it hooked up to the PBX correctly, so in the end I more or 
less gave up :)

If you want to I can send you the patch, it should be working for the 
3.0.0-alpha release, and with some minor modifications it should work 
with 2.2 as well.


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