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 To :  "Provencher, Martin" <mprovencher@t...>
 From :  Gerrit Jacobsen <g_jacobsen@y...>
 Subject :  Re: [yate] Bug: codec negotiation media.cpp
 Date :  Mon, 5 Apr 2010 18:38:32 +0000 (GMT)

I dug further into this and it appears that the behaviour is as following. 

If in routing stage more than one formats is set then yate assumes that the formats are valid for the incoming leg, no matter whether the incoming leg announced the capability or not.

If only one, but wrong, format is set then yate ignores that and connects the incoming leg with the capability that was announced by the incoming side.

The same effect happens when formats are set seperately for the outgoing leg in the call.execute message and for the incoming leg in routing.

So when setting formats manually in regexroute or register one has to make dead sure that the parties really support them. Which is indeed a problem since one cannot predict for some third parties which formats they will announce on each call.

IMVHO yate should rather treat formats list as preferred codecs and not assume that they are compulsory codecs.

In any case I consider it a bug that yate tries to connect calls in a codec that was not announced by the other side.



From: "Provencher, Martin" 
To: Gerrit Jacobsen 
Sent: Mon, 5 April, 2010 15:28:37
Subject: Re: [yate] Bug: codec negotiation media.cpp

 Hi Gerrit,
      I'm very interested in your bug report. If you have any answer
coming from Yate team that does not go throught the list, could you
foward me the information.


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Le 2010-04-02 13:38, Gerrit Jacobsen a écrit : 
Hello yate team,
>>there seems to be a bug/logic flaw in the SDP negotiation.
>>Situation: Two SIP entities, SIP1 and SIP2 and yate
>>SIP1 to SIP2 call, via yate, proxying RTP
>>1. SIP1 INVITES to yate and announces alaw in SDP
>>2. In route stage the formats parameter is set by regexroute or other
>routing module to "g729,alaw"
>>^\(.*\)$=sip/sip:@2...; xsip_auth_bye=false; formats=g729,alaw
>>3. SIP2 sends 200ok and accepts g729 codec in sdp
>>and now comes the problem:
>>4. Yate sends 200ok with "g729" to SIP1
>This should not
>happen as SIP1 announced only alaw as capability.
>>5. SIP1 disconnects the call because it doesnt support G729.
>>The problem does not happen when at point 2.
>>the formats parameter is set to g729 only (instead of g729 and alaw). 
>>Yate log then shows the line "Debug(DebugInfo,"Not changing to '%s'
>from '%s' [%p]", formats,m_formats.c_str(),this);"
>>Yate then sends correctly at point 3. 200ok with alaw in SDP
>>The problem seems to be in media.cpp when the bug happens (two codecs
>in formats set) the SDPMedia::update function concludes that only G729
>should be used and changes the formats to G729.
>>bool SDPMedia::update(const char* formats, int rport, int lport)
>>    DDebug(DebugAll,"SDPMedia::update('%s',%d,%d)
>>    bool chg = false;
>>    String tmp(formats);
>>    if (m_formats != tmp) {
>>        if ((tmp.find(',') < 0) && m_formats &&
>m_formats.find(tmp) < 0)
>>            Debug(DebugInfo,"Not changing to '%s' from '%s' [%p]",
>>                formats,m_formats.c_str(),this);
>>        else
>chg =
>m_formats = tmp;
>>            int q = m_formats.find(',');
>>            m_format = m_formats.substr(0,q);
>>        }
>>    }
>>Thanks for looking into this.