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 To :  yate@v...
 From :  Pete Kelly <pkelly@g...>
 Subject :  slin > g729 for DTMF tones
 Date :  Fri, 9 Apr 2010 09:17:54 +0100

I am seeing a lot of warnings from YATE complaining that it is unable
to convert slin > g729.

On investigation it seems that this is happening when a rfc2833 DTMF
tone is sent into a call which is using the g729 codec, and I believe
Yate is trying to convert the incoming rfc2833 "slin" tone into g729
to transmit into the call.

Is there a way I can tell yate to convert these incoming rfc2833's to
a sip INFO message, or to not bother with the codec conversion at all?

The error message I am seeing is:

20100409073021.047046  DataTranslator::attachChain [0x80d7790]
'slin' -> [0xb7506998] 'g729' failed

and it's sometimes followed by

20100409073200.937213  Override source tone '1' failed to start