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 Subject :  R: Re: [yate] Severe flood detected
 Date :  Thu, 15 Apr 2010 17:03:55 +0200 (CEST)
Hi Allan,
thank you for you reply.
You refer to a "3rd party patches 
that optimizes SIP handling": where can I found these patches?


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15/04/2010 15.52
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Ogg: Re: [yate] Severe flood detected


Don't worry too much about the "severe flood warning" as long as 
it only 
happens shortly. It happens when the single thread handling 
SIP has handled 
more than 40 events in a row without sleep. In the 
worst case, if the message 
storm continues YATE can get unresponsive, 
but as long as the flood resets 
once in a while it means YATE still 
manages to catch up.

The real solution is load balancing YATE over 
more (possibly virtual) 
machines, so you get more than one thread for 
SIP handling, or merging one or 
several of the 3rd party patches that 
optimizes SIP handling or implements 


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