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 Date :  Sun, 18 Apr 2010 00:09:00 +0200 (CEST)
Hello Diana, thank you for your reply.
I have dowloaded compiled and tested the release 3 of Yate from SVN 
and yes the number of severe flood detected messages is now 
Another great improvement I found is to change the priority of thread 
YateSIPEndPoit to High.
With this change, the severe flood message disappear completly but I 
don't know the consequence of this change.
Can be this a problem?


Lerto Chicco

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Hello Lerto,

Some of those patches have been pushed lately into Yate 3 SVN. So 
upgrade may help.


lerto.chicco@t... wrote:
> Hi Allan,
> thank you for you reply.
> You refer to a "3rd party patches 
> that optimizes SIP handling": where can I found these patches?
> Thanks,
> Lerto
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> Hi 
> Lerto
> Don't worry too much about the "severe flood warning" as long as 
> it only 
> happens shortly. It happens when the single thread handling 
> SIP has handled 
> more than 40 events in a row without sleep. In the 
> worst case, if the message 
> storm continues YATE can get unresponsive, 
> but as long as the flood resets 
> once in a while it means YATE still 
> manages to catch up.
> The real solution is load balancing YATE over 
> more (possibly virtual) 
> machines, so you get more than one thread for 
> SIP handling, or merging one or 
> several of the 3rd party patches that 
> optimizes SIP handling or implements 
> multi-threading.
> `Allan

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