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 To :  yate@v...
 From :  Paul Chitescu <paulc@v...>
 Subject :  Re: [yate] Problem with NAT
 Date :  Wed, 9 Jun 2010 15:33:29 +0300

What version of yate are you using? What registration module?

Please check that you didn't disable automatic NAT support in ysipchan.conf 
section [general] nat=... (is on by default).

Please look in logs - if yate was started with -vvv you will see entries like:

 Registered user '???' expires in 3600 s (NAT)
 Registered user '???' expires in 120 s

On level INFO (-vvvv) there should be also:

 Registration NAT detected: private 'a.b.c.d:p1' public 'w.x.y.z:p2'

You can change the debug levels at runtime by connecting to the rmanager 
interface and issuing the command:

debug sip level 9      (9=INFO, 8=NOTE, 5=WARN)


Also look at the 200 OK for the REGISTER request, it should hold a custom 
header named X-Real-Contact: 

If the phone is configured to use a domain name for building its Contact URI 
consider changing it to put the IP address there.


On Wednesday 09 June 2010 01:59:58 pm Alfred Stainer wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a strange problem to make a call between two sip phones.
> The scenario is:
> 1. Yate 3 svn version on CentOs with a public IP
> 2. Phone1 behind a NAT (NAT-1), caller
> 3. Phone2 behind a NAT (NAT-2), called
> Both phone are capable to register to Yate but I cannot make a call from
> Phone1 to Phone2.
> I have captured packets with tcmdump and it seems that the problem is due to
> the INVITE that Yate sends to the called phone because this INVITE is sent
> to the called private IP address instead of the public IP address of NAT of
> called.
> [...]
> And to me the problem seems to be the packet #11:
> public-ip-Yate        private-ip-called     SIP/SDP  Request: INVITE
> sip:called@private-ip-called:5060;transport=udp;user=phone, with session
> description
> because is addressed to "private-ip-called" instead of "public-ip-NAT-2".
> What can be wrong? Configuration?
> Thanks,
> Alfred