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 From :  Paul Chitescu <paulc@v...>
 Subject :  Re: [yate] Patch storm
 Date :  Fri, 11 Jun 2010 18:43:34 +0300
Hi Allan!

Thanks for the storm! The weather will become sunny afterwards!

We are evaluating each patch and as you can see we started to commit them but 
not exactly as sent.

We are trying to separate the patches so each commit should change a single 
behavior - this way we can identify changes more cleanly.

SVN Rev. 3371 fixes the very common spelling error: Retrive -> Retrieve

SVN Rev. 3371 applies roughly 0008-String-stronger-hash (with a sign fix, 
original algorithm applied to unsigned chars in the first place).

SVN Rev. 3373 applies 0015-Regexroute-documentation but in a different place 
so it doesn't get between repetition classes

SVN Rev. 3374 fixes just the harmless ysigchan bug in 0006-Minor-improvements-

Some patches have problems in other usage scenarios than you are using them so 
we need to modify or reject them. For example the 0007-Use-realloc-in-String-
append patch can cause crashes or abnormal results in code like:

String a = "abc"; a += a;

Other patches my not be portable across all architectures or need alternative 
implementation - the 0004-Check-mutex-error is part of this cathegory. Mutexes 
are different in Windows and some functionality like EBUSY is not supported on 
all *BSD platforms.

We will apply most of the functionality enhancements, especially those that 
are not influencing existing installations.

About performance enhancements - although it's obvious from the code that it 
can be improved in this direction, profiling Yate doesn't show it would 
benefit a lot from them so we prefer to keep the code easy to understand as 
much as possible. There performance bottlenecks are pretty obvious and we are 
fixing them whenever possible. Valgrind is a great tool :-)

Finally, there are some patches introducing quite substantial changes that 
need more analysis. Stay tuned, we will continue to reply to this thread with 
the progress and any feedback.

Best regards,


On Wednesday 09 June 2010 04:19:07 pm Allan Sandfeld Jensen wrote:
> Hello
> I've hinted a few times at some 3rd party patches. I've spend some time 
> cleaning up some of the more generic changes we have here that have not yet 
> been merged by Nullsoft. Hopefully the patches are acceptable now, or at 
> useful to others in the YATE community. 
> Please be aware the patches are made against the YATE_2 stable branch in the 
> svn repository. Most of them should apply against YATE 3 as well, but I will 
> make no guarantees.
> Best wishes
> Allan Sandfeld Jensen
> Change Networks A/S