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 To :  yate@v...
 From :  Alexander Kovalenko <alexander.kovalenko@g...>
 Subject :  Re: [yate] Memory corruption in extmodule.yate
 Date :  Mon, 14 Jun 2010 16:30:23 +0300
On 06/14/2010 03:43 PM, Allan Sandfeld Jensen wrote:
> When the thread finishes it calls unuse() on the extmodreceiver.
> ExtModReceiver::build takes an argument called 'ref' to protect against
> deletion before build is finished, by calling use() before start(). Are you
> sure it is not somewhere else it goes wrong?
> I know of a problem when the ExtModChan closes before ExtThread::clenup have
> been run, but it sounds different.
> Regards
> Allan
Hi Allan!

There are 2 ExtModReceiver::build() methods. Indeed one of them takes 
bool parameter called res. In my case it was another one, which does not 
take such parameter. Maybe the same logic should be present in 
ExtModReceiver::build(const char* name, Stream* io, ExtModChan* chan, 
int role).

WBR, Alexander Kovalenko, www.ardas.dp.ua