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 To :  Allan Sandfeld Jensen <linux@c...>
 From :  Milan Rukavina <rukavinamilan@g...>
 Subject :  Re: [yate] CDR Status 'accepted'?
 Date :  Fri, 04 Jun 2010 19:20:06 +0200
Hi Allan,
I'm not worried about status - I understand that part, but billtime is
confusing me since it's = 0. Finished calls in status answer have
billtime 0, and duration is almost equal to ring time - but I'm sure my
php ivr application answered and executed correctly - so I suppose
billtime should be > 0. On th other hand, when call is finished in
status accepted it has regular billtime.

I'm not sure if my ivr can do anything wrong to break cdr creation but
seems like other php ivrs have regular bill time.

I'm using postgres db for cdr and this is defined in register.conf

> No. As I said, you can not rely on the status in call.cdr messages. The status 
> is updated by the latest status cdrbuilder have seen, but messages are not 
> necessarily arriving in the correct order, so cdrbuilder may see call.ringing 
> after it sees call.answered. This only affects the status parameter though, 
> billtime, duration and ringtime parameter can all handle messages arriving out 
> of order, so rely on them instead. 
> Duration > 0.000 means the call have been accepted.
> Ringtime > 0.000 means the call have been ringing at one point.
> Billtime > 0.000 means the call have been answered.
> If you really need it. I have a patch that also orders the status, I'll see if 
> I can extract it and post it. We need it to get correct status in dialog 
> Mvh
> `Allan