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 To :  jeroen <jeroen@h...>
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 Subject :  Re: [yate] conference call
 Date :  Wed, 30 Mar 2011 22:23:07 +0200
Hi jeoren,

It should be:

yield yate.msg("chan.masquerade",
               {"message": "call.execute",
                "id": callid,
                "callto": "conf/test",
                "lonely": True,
                "voice": True,
                "echo": True}).dispatch()

I mean: you should send call.execute with callto set to conf/room_name
to conference module(check docs). It should contain incoming endpoint
which it callid.

It would be easier to learn what is wrong if you check whether message
has been answered:

ret = yield yate.msg("chan.masquerade",
                              {"message": "call.execute", ...).dispatch()
if not ret:
    raise Exception("Can't connect to conference")

In fact it very rarely makes sense to dispatch a message without
checking whether it was handled or not.

Dumb channel will be disconnected after connection to a conference so
DTMFs won't be echoed anymore.



2011/3/30 jeroen :
> Hi,
> I can't seem to manage to setup a simple conference room script. The
> script below nicely echo's DTMF to all connections but doesn't transfer
> them to a conference room.
> Can you please point out how to achieve this ?
> Thanks a lot,
> Jeroen