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 From :  Bill Simon <bill@b...>
 Subject :  call.ringing in yjinglechan, Yate 4.1.1
 Date :  Tue, 17 Jul 2012 21:56:04 -0400
Yate 4.1.1 - on outgoing Jingle calls (Google Voice) there is no indication of ringing sent back to the calling party. Using the sniffer I see no call.ringing messages emitted by the jingle channel on an outgoing call. In Yate 3.3.3 these messages appear.

I compared the yjinglechan.cpp code between the two versions and the difference is at the end of this function:

bool YJGConnection::presenceChanged(bool available, NamedList* params)

/* Just before return false, 3.3.3 has... */

    // Notify now ringing if the remote party doesn't support it
    if (m_ftStatus == FTNone && !m_session->hasFeature(XMPPNamespace::JingleAppsRtpInfo))

return false;

The 4.1.1 code does not have this. I added it and it works like the old version: call.ringing is generated for outbound jingle calls.

Why was this piece removed? Can this code be put back into the distribution, or equivalent code that causes call.ringing when an outbound jingle call is being placed?