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 From :  Bipin Patel <bipin@x...>
 Subject :  yate as media gateway?
 Date :  Sun, 24 Mar 2013 18:43:13 +0400

is it possible to use 2 servers with yate on them, one for signalling and the other for media only so i could setup media servers in different regions so RTP can travel to customers in a shorter route.

the main signalling server currently i have setup to use local rtp ports and in pass through mode, i want to configure same pass through but using another yate install which will olny handle media, the single yate server currently routes calls between carrier and one of my retail switch.

if it is possible then how would one configure this media server coz it wont be signalling etc so how to make the main signalling server ask it to route media from carrier to client in pass through?

i would later be using transcoding on this media server