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 From :  Bipin Patel <bipin@x...>
 Subject :  how to detect caller codec and pass that to gateway specificallyonly?
 Date :  Mon, 25 Mar 2013 16:39:20 +0400

i have one yate setup that accepts calls from one ip and sends call to other and its setup such that yate proxies the audio for pass through but there r certain issues, my regexroute entry is as such


when the caller calls with g729, everything works fine but as soon as caller tries to call with g711u, yate accepts the call and sends sdp to gateway with the above listed codecs and gateway selects g729 but this results in no audio at all but call connected as caller is on g711u and gateway on g729 and yate doesn't transcode.

how to modify this regexroute entry such that i detect the callers preferred or first listed codec and then send call to gateway using that codec only rather than list all the 3? i want to be able to dynamically detect callers preferred codec and send call to gateway using that only and skip having to list all 3 codecs to gateway.