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 From :  Bipin Patel <bipin@x...>
 Subject :  how to route incoming calls on DID to regfile users
 Date :  Thu, 30 Apr 2015 18:06:38 +0400

i have yate setup to register to a remote gateway using accfile, basically a DID, now all my outgoing calls etc all works fine but now when the gateway sends calls to yate for any calls to the DID then im not able to ring my local phone which registers to yate using regfile, no matter what i try yate says no route to target

my regfile is on a lower priority number so regfile users can call each other directly first and if they call any number not on lan then they r routed using regexroute to other gateways, entries done in context section for that, now how do i handle incoming calls on DID for which yate registers to remote server using accfile?