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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
   00004431modulemajornew2022-09-11IAX2 stalls on calls with unknown IEs
   0000441 enginemajornew2022-06-15Sip Invite Packets dropped in Windows for some Devices
   00004214user interfaceminornew2022-02-28Build with qt5
   0000440 moduleminornew2022-02-28Q.931: Wrong encoding of ChannelIdentification in SETUP ACK when operating in network role on PRI
   00004391enginemajorresolved (marian)2021-04-21Memory/mutex leak on SIP REFER
   00001433moduletweakacknowledged2018-11-12Consume erros in ZapCircuit (zapcard module)
   000023511enginemajorfeedback2018-08-07Not working incoming call from asterisk to Yate-Client over IAX2 protocol.
   00004192moduleminorresolved (paulc)2018-06-11ysipchan Memory(Thread) leakage
   00004221moduleminorresolved (paulc)2018-06-11Yate will not build with openssl 1.1.0 compiled without deprecated API
   0000420 moduleminorresolved (paulc)2018-01-09Add support for openssl-1.1
   00004185enginecrashnew2017-08-08Crash (SIGBUS, core dumped) occurs every time on Raspberry Pi (ARM, Raspbian Jessie)
   00004162moduleminornew2017-05-31YateBTS does not build with recent gcc versions (6.x)
   0000417 engineminornew2017-05-02SS7 ISUP not working on Debian vir packages
   0000415 modulecrashnew2016-12-01Segmentation fault in use dbpbx module
   0000414 engineminornew2016-10-22m=audio * RTP/SAVP - Do not set when switch secure=enabled
   00004091enginecrashnew2016-09-10Segfault when compiled with musl
   0000413 engineminornew2016-08-04dejitter handling code eats all but first in the series rfc2833 RTP DTMF event packets
   0000412 enginefeaturenew2016-05-26add support for aarch64 architecture
   0000407 moduleminorfeedback (paulc)2016-04-29Javascript module: Array alway of length 0
   00003912engineminorresolved (paulc)2016-04-29Add -L flag to "yate-config --libs" output [Patch provided]
   00004111modulemajornew2016-03-09pgsqldb module cannot be used with dbwave
   00004101enginemajornew2016-02-10RFC2543 doesn't work
   0000408 moduleminornew2016-01-13No faxchan on debian (configure script can't find spandsp)
   0000406 modulecrashnew2015-10-16Crash if receive many calls
   0000405 modulemajornew2015-10-16CIC getting left in busy state
   00004041user interfaceminoracknowledged2015-10-02Invalid target for selected account.
   00004032user interfaceminorfeedback2015-09-28yate-qt4-5.5.0 won't exit after all the windows are closed
   0000402 moduleminornew2015-09-04yiax: incorrect size of SAMPLINGRATE & ENCRYPTION IE type
   0000401 moduleblocknew2015-09-04yradio compile error on Mac OS X even after SVN Rev: 6018
   00003974modulemajorfeedback (paulc)2015-08-24yradio compile error on Mac OS X of SVN Rev: 6017
   0000399 moduleblocknew2015-08-18When provider send registeration expires less than 60s, yate periodically loses registration
   0000398 moduleblocknew2015-08-18Yate can't register on sip proxy, when server send 407 response
   0000396 enginemajornew2015-07-06yrtpchan.conf :: timeout=60000 will drop the call if no video although audio is OK
   0000395 moduleminornew2015-07-03Wrong billid in cdrs when call is originated from dumb chan
   00003941enginemajornew2015-04-01PRI Incoming call hangs up with "wrong-state-message" after being handled by IVR using libyateivr.php
   0000393 moduleminornew2015-03-23yatebts transceiver syslog output omits the first character
   00003882engineminoracknowledged2015-03-06Error when starting up SGSN/GGSN
   0000392 moduleminornew2015-03-04Impossible to set parameter 'name' for Message object in Javascript
   00003823enginemajorresolved2015-02-26yate and yatebts are using deprecated
   00003223moduleminorresolved (paulc)2015-02-26missing -L flag for PostgreSQL library
   00003871enginefeatureresolved2015-02-26enhancement: add support for ppc64 platform
   00003842engineminornew2015-02-26ybts.yate is built without respecting user cflags
   00003745user interfaceminorfeedback2015-02-26yate-qt4 show history all calls as "1970.01.01 03:00"
   00003861moduleminorresolved2015-02-26fix bashism in
   00003806modulemajornew2015-02-25FAX module fails with several CW proven (T.38) FAX capable provider PSTN-gateways (e.g. Huawei SoftX3000) "488" Q.850;cause=58
   00003905enginemajornew2015-02-22SIP TLS signalling failure with provider, CRYPTO-ENGINE 2.2 -> SIP/488
   00003813enginemajornew2015-02-22Script chan.attach with wave module always rejected with "no data channel!"; early media malfunction with fork/wave
   00003792websiteblocknew2015-02-16Mantis BT broken - APPLICATION ERROR #2800
   00003772enginemajornew2015-02-16415 Unsupported Media Type
   00003892moduletweaknew2015-02-16Allow multiple CIC offsets on ysigchan trunks
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