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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
   00003073moduleminornew2015-02-13Callfork rtp_forward doesn't work
   0000383 engineminornew2015-02-13yate has some build warnings with gcc 4.8.3
   00003781moduletweakacknowledged2015-01-29Yradius module Quintum attributes
   00003751user interfacefeaturenew2014-11-02wish, like the "start minimized to tray" in yate-qt4
   00003763moduleminornew2014-10-10zapcard module uses ';' as separator for status output
   00003701moduletrivialresolved2014-09-18YATE 5.4.0 accfile.conf --> registrar=server:5060
   0000373 enginefeaturenew2014-09-05Push notification support (Windows Phone SIP support)
   0000372 user interfaceminornew2014-08-19Yate doubles accent letters
   0000371 enginemajornew2014-08-19Users set as busy show as offline
   00003691modulefeatureresolved (paulc)2014-08-05Please add Callername in From filed of REGISTER message
   00003671moduletrivialresolved2014-07-25a=crypto:0 ... is ignored in SDP
   00003311user interfacemajorresolved2014-07-25YateClient Audio Failure on incoming call
   00003681modulecrashresolved2014-07-03a crash in exmodule.cpp
   00003662modulemajornew2014-05-15200 OK crossed with CANCEL after INVITE
   00003383modulemajorresolved (paulc)2014-02-26JS: Channel.callTo/callJust do not support message.timeout
   00003361enginemajorresolved (paulc)2014-02-26JS: Engine.sleep(X) does cause the call to hangup
   00001101enginecrashresolved (paulc)2014-02-13Segmentation using Array Class addRow method
   0000359 removes '0' values from all (even not handled) messages
   0000363 user interfacecrashnew2014-01-12yate-qt4 segfaults on 64 bits linux
   0000361 setlocal method does not support new variables
   0000360 does not allow modification of unprocessed messages
   00002591user does not support tcp connection to Yate server
   0000358 modulefeaturenew2013-11-29SCCP GTT translation routing by SQL in Register module
   0000357 need to replace $_ with local variables
   0000356 engineminornew2013-08-26access private method of Plugin(void) in class TelEngine::Plugin
   0000355 moduleminornew2013-08-14MTP2 issues: FIB/BIB, retransmissions and MTP2 links aborted
   0000354 modulemajornew2013-08-06Object initializers destroy global variables.
   0000353 engineminornew2013-08-01yate with openssl support isn't built right on arch linux
   00003481modulemajorresolved2013-07-15Javascript constant arrays / objects surprissing or bad behaviour.
   00003471modulemajorresolved2013-07-11Length is not updated in javascript arrays
   0000349 modulemajoracknowledged2013-07-11Javascript evaluation errors caused by parenthesis and other constructs.
   0000346 modulefeatureacknowledged2013-07-11Java scripts does not support closures-
   00003062modulecrashfeedback2013-05-21Callfork module does not work correct
   00003413moduleminorresolved (andrei)2013-04-25statistics for regfile in 'status overview' always shows 0
   00003402modulefeaturefeedback2013-04-19JS: shared temporary storage between routing script and handlers to exchange information
   00003391moduleminorassigned (paulc)2013-04-19JS: (dtmf) handler does not work when routing script hangs in loop
   00003172enginecrashfeedback2013-04-19Crash on executing external script
   00003331enginefeaturefeedback (paulc)2013-04-19Javascript routing
   0000337 moduleminoracknowledged (paulc)2013-04-19JS: Calling Channel.callTo("...") does not work from handler
   00002922enginefeatureresolved2013-04-19Register.conf: add call.cdr->shutdownquery to call SQL before yate shuts down
   00003343modulemajorresolved (oana)2013-04-16JS Handler runs SQL not on first but following calls (Engine.enqueue, Engine.dispatch)
   00003351moduleminorfeedback2013-03-04call.cdr params like caller and called differ from real one processed by regexroute
   00003251documentationminornew2013-02-21Inconsistent bool values used in config files
   00003281moduleminornew2013-02-21wrong sequence of call.cdr messages
   00003273enginemajorfeedback2013-02-11Yate can not make "direct call", especially in case
   0000332 modulemajornew2013-02-06Yate Client on Mac OS X 10.8.2 - crackle sound
   00003201moduleminorassigned (diana)2013-02-01Yate don't write some calls to CDR
   00003302moduleminoracknowledged2013-02-01Yate Client on Windows - stuttered sound when using secondary buffer
   00003267modulecrashfeedback (paulc)2013-01-17Crash during processing many outgoing calls to ss7
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