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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
   000032410moduleminornew2012-12-10sip to iax mulaw problem
   00003187moduleminorresolved (marian)2012-11-07yate and last svn do not gtalk call to gtalk client on android version 4.0.2 4.0.3
   00003191moduleminornew2012-10-02Deadlock inside module analog during Yate termination
   00003141documentationfeaturenew2012-09-19Sound device selection
   00002994enginetweakresolved (paulc)2012-09-10Set safe ulimits in init scripts
   00003122engineminorresolved2012-09-10Poor voice from sip to IAX
   00003134moduleminorresolved2012-09-10Only sip with u-law to iax a-law not transcode - DataTranslator::attachChain [0x1239d5a0] 'alaw' -> [0x123a3c90] 'mulaw' failed
   00003103moduleminorfeedback2012-07-07g729b not work
   0000309 moduleminornew2012-06-28interval of expire will not update if < 60
   00003044modulefeaturenew2012-06-07Add support for SPIROU (France)
   00003051moduleminornew2012-06-03ISUP: support for sending correct messages when the call is not yet in state Accepted
   00002985moduleblockresolved (paulc)2012-06-01h323chan build is broken since r4928
   00002781modulemajorresolved (paulc)2012-04-21BYE was not send when call is canceled during ringing phase
   00002944modulefeaturefeedback (paulc)2012-03-06rmanager history isn't reliable
   00003001enginemajorfeedback2012-02-28Transcoding doesn't work on Yate4 SVN
   00002952engineminorfeedback (paulc)2012-02-24Yate ships non-free iLBC code, newer BSD-licensed code available
   00002971engineminornew2012-02-24Make it possible to do a parallel build
   0000296 engineminornew2012-02-24Clarification of GPL exception for the use of GPL incompatible libraries
   00002931engineminorresolved2012-02-23h323 status isn't displayed in `status [overview]` output
   00002903moduleminorfeedback2012-01-25crash on Unloading module Signalling Channel
   0000289 enginefeaturenew2012-01-23Add Solaris support
   00002833enginemajorfeedback (marian)2012-01-05Mime multipart boundary problem
   00002792engineminorfeedback (marian)2012-01-05Yate delete SDP in Session Progress
   00002841modulemajoracknowledged2012-01-04Yate counts SS7 CGB/CGBU with range=0 as valid
   0000281 moduleminoracknowledged (paulc)2011-12-22m2pa should use extended changeover procedure
   0000282 modulemajoracknowledged (oana)2011-12-22camel_map race conditions
   00002731user interfacetweakfeedback2011-11-09Add protection when start/stop an external script syntax is wrong
   00002751modulemajorfeedback2011-10-31module YIAX could not work with some softphone for example Zoiper'iax
   00002741engineminorfeedback2011-10-28ISUP User Service Information is not encoded correctly
   0000272 enginetrivialnew2011-10-05in jabberserver.conf have the values represented in real-world times
   0000271 enginefeaturenew2011-10-05when performing _srv record lookups for xmpp s2s connections, utilise DNSSEC if applicable
   0000270 engineminornew2011-10-05yate writes files to /etc
   00002682enginetrivialfeedback2011-09-07I get different time readings from CDR on ASTERCC than Yate, when one hangs up call from softphone.
   00002421moduleminorresolved (marian)2011-08-29jabberentitycaps.xml should reside in /var/... or in ~/.yate
   00002651moduleminorresolved (marian)2011-08-29Jingle / Jabber resource priority
   00002541enginemajorfeedback (paulc)2011-08-29h323 channel doesn't released if sip call has been canceled before accepted.
   00002291modulemajoracknowledged2011-08-02yate does not stop registering accounts when accounts are deleted
   00002622moduleminornew2011-07-29Bad message escaping in
   00001521enginefeatureresolved2011-06-09rmanager fails to tab-complete regfile module
   0000263 moduleminorconfirmed (marian)2011-06-02Analog channels can't be reconnected when disconnected
   00002601engineminornew2011-05-13Encoding / decoding of messages is not coherent.
   0000257 modulefeaturenew2011-03-11Add auth.failure message, sent after authentication failures.
   00002331enginetweaknew2011-02-21Fixes to add stability + debug tools
   00001611moduleminoracknowledged2011-02-21DNS failover in SIP
   0000209 moduleminorassigned (paulc)2010-10-26Error of processing config file for ISUP trunk - module ysigchan (SVN revision 3170)
   00002401modulecrashfeedback2010-10-26Random Yate crash with signal 11 on getConnSource at yatephone.h:443 (yate svn revision 3450)
   0000243 enginefeatureacknowledged (paulc)2010-10-26Add parameter to "engine.command" message allowing distinguish between command sources
   00002341enginemajoracknowledged2010-07-05Yate does not process ACK after 200 OK
   0000168 moduleminoracknowledged2010-05-28Not able to map different hangup causes
   0000224 modulefeatureacknowledged2010-05-28Feature request : session timer (rfc4028)
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