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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
   00002311moduletweakresolved (paulc)2010-05-27MGCP not sending MDCX on SDP update
   0000228 enginecrashnew2010-05-14segfaults on "drop all"
   00002007modulecrashfeedback (paulc)2010-05-12Crash or corruption during creation of H323 or SIP calls
   00002271enginetweakfeedback (paulc)2010-05-01SIP Info should send character for digit?
   00001672enginecrashfeedback (paulc)2010-03-12Yate crash with signal 11, Segmentation fault.
   00002035enginecrashfeedback (paulc)2010-03-12PAbstractList is not thread safe (even for traversing without modifying)
   00001981engineminoracknowledged (paulc)2010-02-12Deadlock with callfork
   000019714modulecrashfeedback2010-02-05Yate using 100% of all CPU cores - infinite Thread::yield busy loop from h323chan.cpp:988
   0000199 moduleminornew2010-02-02RFC2833 is not in H323 messages
   0000188 enginecrashacknowledged2010-01-17YATE - crash signal 11 - we believe due to thread synchronization - start_thread ()
   00001833moduleminorfeedback2009-11-26Additional SIP 487 not ACK'ed
   0000192 enginecrashnew2009-11-25YATE - crash signal 11 - we believe due to thread synchronization (0000005)
   0000190 enginecrashnew2009-11-25YATE - crash signal 11 - we believe due to thread synchronization (0000003)
   00001862modulemajorfeedback2009-11-09Not able to receive a fax over udptl t38
   000018011enginecrashfeedback2009-10-30Yate crash with signal 11 in TelEngine::ObjList::find
   00001641moduleminoracknowledged2009-10-30Channel remains in call state after transferee hung up
   00001653moduleminorfeedback2009-10-30Attended transfer doesn't work when transferee is fork target
   00001722engineminorfeedback2009-07-28call.drop event - reason field not handled correctly by register module
   0000163 modulefeatureacknowledged2009-05-29Stop dialtone in dial state after dtmf receive
   00001159modulefeaturefeedback (paulc)2009-05-21Do transfer on channel hangup
   00001622moduleminorfeedback2009-05-10Applied privacy in SIP
   00001563moduletweakfeedback (paulc)2009-04-22Not set hangup reason
   00001112moduleminorfeedback (paulc)2009-01-16When noanswer, the callee doesn't be hungup.
   00001312moduleminorfeedback (paulc)2009-01-16Request terminated after CANCEL not answered
   00001442moduletweakfeedback (paulc)2008-12-12zapcard module doesn't detect FXS hook state at YATE startup
   0000142 moduleminornew2008-12-05bug in
  00001381documentationminorconfirmed2008-09-11./test/ directory is absent from SVN
   0000137 modulefeaturenew2008-09-06Support for timeouts in yaypm
   00001322enginetweakconfirmed (paulc)2008-09-05qt4 build fails in ubuntu
   00000251modulefeatureacknowledged2008-09-05FEATURE REQUEST: multifile playback for wavefile module
   00000451documentationminorconfirmed (paulc)2008-09-05play wave error doesn't hangup
   0000061 enginefeatureacknowledged2008-09-05[patch] RunnableThread
   0000067 documentationmajoracknowledged2008-09-05Some calls from declared registers are trusted. Such calls couldn't close.
   0000088 user interfacefeatureacknowledged2008-09-05make windows client usable without administrator privileges
   0000069 modulemajorconfirmed (paulc)2008-09-05[ysipchan] RTP/SAVP handled incorrectly
   00000771modulefeatureacknowledged2008-09-05Modified extmodule.cpp for support of channel script execution in Windows
   0000128 enginecrashacknowledged (paulc)2008-09-05Yate crash (deadlock on Endpoint Mutex)
   00001333moduleminorfeedback (diana)2008-09-03Using callgen to generate massive numbers of calls to conference causes a segmentation fault after a few thousand calls
   00000681documentationminornew2008-08-26Lazy recorder
   0000121 moduleminornew2008-04-29Pymodule
   00001184moduleminoracknowledged2008-04-25Poor audio quility when using IAX on Windows [yiaxchan]
   00001191moduleminoracknowledged2008-04-23REGISTER without contact(s) fails
   00000763modulefeatureconfirmed (diana)2007-08-13transfer module
   00000403modulemajorfeedback (paulc)2007-08-03yate crashes when executed with high verbosity level
   00000571moduleminorassigned (paulc)2007-03-21ysipchan doesn't negotiate dynamic payload types
   00000292modulemajorresolved (paulc)2007-01-13Yate 0.9.0 SIP addr failure on multihomed environments.
   00000642modulemajorfeedback (paulc)2006-12-01SIPHandler::received hangs the server v1.1.0 under Windows
   0000056 moduleminorassigned (marian)2006-10-24Fix ejabberd support in yjinglechan
   0000033 documentationminornew2006-07-01YAYPM 0.2 sources
   0000023 user interfaceminorassigned (diana)2006-03-24YateGUI doesn't disconnect when server stops
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